Medmont was founded in the early 80s

the vision

Imagine a small workshop and a man with the foresight to create a company based on the delivery of a quality product at a reasonable cost. It sounded simple enough, but for an equipment developer and manufacturer to do this in Australia was generally seen as being impossible.



December 1988

The first units of the M600 Automated Perimeter are delivered and prove to be an instant success on the Australian market. Ten months after the first local delivery of the M600, it would be sold in numerous countries throughout Europe, India, Asia-Pacific, North America and South America.

Medmont's first product to market: the M600 Automated Perimeter
1998 brochure cover for the Medmont E300 Corneal Topographer

January 1998

Medmont introduces the E300 Corneal Topographer to the ophthalmic market and it quickly becomes known for its ease of use, large capture area and exceptional accuracy. It globally goes on to be considered the gold standard for fitting specialty contact lenses.

Quality craftsmanship 

All Medmont products are designed, tested and manufactured in house. Like all things of quality they are envisioned by some of the world's top engineers and hand assembled by Medmont's skilled team of craftsmen, hence the commitment to quality and the undeniable accuracy of Medmont products.  

Dhanesh custom cuts components for the E300 Topographer