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Title: M700 to Excel Link Settings Application Release
Post by: Michael on April 23, 2012, 03:57:40 pm
Medmont ExportM700toExcel Link Application

Medmont Studio 3 supported a plugin style viewer that allowed users to export M600/M700 exams to Microsoft Excel. This application has now been updated to work with Medmont Studio 5 as a linked application. The download can be found here:

Export M700 to Excel Link Application (

Once downloaded you can follow these instructions to install it (also described in the README.htm file that is part of the download):


This link application can be used to export M700 exam data to Excel in a single mouse click. It is equivalent to the Medmont Studio Viewer application included in Medmont Studio 3.

Application Files

The following files are required for running the ExportM700toExcel link application:


The following files will need to be copied to a location that the user executing Medmont Studio has write and execute permissions to.
Note: The path must contain NO spaces:

The following files will need to be copied to the Links folder located in the Medmont Studio 5 installation directory (typically C:\Program Files\Medmont\Medmont Studio 5\Links):

Once copied, open ExportM700toExcel.LinkSettings in a text editor. The following changes will need to be made:

Once you have completed these changes save the file. Now when you run Medmont Studio 5 a new menu item will appear under Home > Linked Applications called Export M700 to Excel. It will be disabled until you select a patient that contains M700 exam data or a selection of M700 Exams.