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Title: Announcing the release of Medmont Studio 5.3.3
Post by: David on August 19, 2013, 02:02:08 pm
Medmont Studio has been updated to version 5.3.3. To download the update, click the link below:
Download Medmont Studio 5.3.3 Update (

To install this update, back up your patient database and run the downloaded file, choosing all default options in the installer if nothing in your environment has changed.
Important Notice: This version of Medmont Studio has a new Licensing System. Do not install this version until a new digital activation key has been issued by Medmont or one of its approved distributors. Installing this version without a new license key will prevent you from performing routine clinical diagnostics until a new key can be issued.
Changes included in this release are:

New Feature – New contact lens designs from Contact Lens Laboratory of South Africa, No. 7 and TSLAC.
New Feature – Added new exam difference attribute functions. These allow attributes to be created based on the difference information of two topographic maps.
Improvement - Fixed issue configuring Optomate Premier 22.0 or greater on a fresh machine.

View the Medmont Studio Release Notes here ( to view a full list of changes in this release.