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 problem 3 data the customer have push  one the button data achieve in ms3 now I will convert 5 data ms5 told me than I must restore the medmont data 3 first but restore in ms 3 is not working i m missing a small
file is it possible to restore the data 3 with a tool so that I can convert it to ms 5
Best regards dennis

Issues/Problems / usb converter upgrade error
« on: August 24, 2012, 09:13:28 pm »
hi i have prolem with the E300 USB 14-51-21 Jun  1 2012 version.i get the error with upgrade package see jpg
gr dennis

the add-on email results is not working on my medmont studio 5.2.0 i follow the pdf instructions but nothing happens
do i  someting wrong   :-\
greatings dennis

Issues/Problems / usb converterbox not working w7 32 bit
« on: June 01, 2012, 11:40:47 pm »
hi i have a problem whit the usb converterbox on w7 prof 32bit if push the icon of the medmont i get picport error.if i whant to calibrate
the medmont i can choose between leutronkaart or usb converter i can do only one calibration have some body a solution
greatings dennis

hi i have a problem whit the usb converterbox it works not on win xp the os is new install it on my pc whit a leutron pcmi kaart it works well
greatings dennis :-[

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