Author Topic: I need to enter E300 Serial Number every time I start an exam  (Read 2542 times)


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"I need to enter the E300 Serial Number every time I go to start a new exam in Medmont Studio 5..."

Please follow these steps to set your installed E300 as the default topographer; so that it doesn't prompt you for the serial number with each use.

Open Medmont Studio
Switch to the "Configure" tab
Press the "Instrument Setup" button in the E300 group. This opens the "E300 Instruments" window.
Select your E300 serial number on the left, so that it is highlighted.
Press the "Install" button on the right. It will now say "(Installed)" next to your E300 serial number.
Press "Close" to exit the window.

Medmont Studio will no longer prompt you for the serial number.

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