Author Topic: I've just purchased a V5 upgrade from V3 should I have received a cal file?  (Read 3851 times)


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No. When a calibration file is imported it is stored in the database. When you upgrade from V3 to V5 the database is automatically converted including all imported calibration files.

You may however like to keep a copy of the calibration file on a CD or flash drive incase you need to setup the instrument again on an empty database. Between V3 and V5 the format of the calibration file has changed. This has resulted in a change to the file extension (new extension is .ecf). This means the original calibration file you received will not import into V5.  To make a new file which will import into V5 perform the following steps.

1. Firstly perform the upgrade to V5. Ensure everything is working and all data has converted successfully.
2. Open the E300 instruments window. Goto Config > Instrument Setup (E300).
3. Select the Topographer from the list now visible.
4. Click Export. Save the new calibration file (.ecf) to a Flash drive or CD.

If you do not create this new calibration file yourself you will be charged a small handling fee if you need Medmont to create it for you in future.
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