Author Topic: How do I submit an exam to a PACS server  (Read 5281 times)


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How do I submit an exam to a PACS server
« on: May 09, 2012, 02:41:12 pm »
  • Step 1.   Selecting a Job to be performed.

    Select Add from the DICOM group of the Home tab, in the main ribbon bar.

    When the Add Job window appears, press the Today button to list all the jobs which have been scheduled for today.

    Alternatively, you can look for jobs for a specific patient by entring as much information about the patient as is known in the fields provided.

    Press Search.

    When the search completes, select one or multiple jobs to be imported. Press Add.

    After adding the patient tree should now contain a patient for each of the jobs selected.
  • Step 2.   Perform the exam(s)

    Select the newly created patient from the patient tree. Perform the exams as required.

  • Step 3.    Submitting the exam(s) to the PACS server.

    Firstly, select the exams you want to submit from the Explorer Pane.

    Press Submit.

    When the Submit Job dialog appears, select a print report from the list of available print reports.

    Please note, the list of available reports will depend on the number and type of exams selected to submit. For example, selecting a perimetry exam and a topography exam will limit the print report list to only a single print report. Whereas, if only perimtery exams are selected the list will show the full complement of perimetry reports, including the specialty reports like the Threshold Overview Print Report.

    Once the print report is choosen select a job to submit the report against.

    Press Preview to display the report prior to submitting.
    Otherwise press OK to deliver the report directly to the PACS server.

    If you choose to preview the report first, you will be able to submit the report directly from the print preview window.

    While the report is being prepared and submitted a progress dialog will be shown.

    After submitting the report a prompt will be displayed asking if the job has been filled and if its ok to remove the job from the database. Press Yes to remove the job.

Congratulations you have submitted you first report to the PACS server!
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