Author Topic: How can i integrate my EHR, EMR or PMS to Medmont Studio.  (Read 6573 times)


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How can i integrate my EHR, EMR or PMS to Medmont Studio.
« on: May 28, 2012, 04:59:38 pm »
Medmont Studio employs a mechanism for integrating with third party applications though the definition of a settings file. This mechanism is ideally suited to Windows Forms applications rather than Web based applications.

For web based EMR's the only option is to have the user save print reports to an external file which can be loaded into the EMR and displayed as graphics in the browser. This limits the clinicians view to only what the report has displayed. A link application could be built to automate this from a single click in the Medmont Studio menu bar.

Windows Forms applications can be designed to launch Medmont Studio and select the patient ready for testing and/or review. The clinician now has the full power of the Medmont Studio software to perform a detailed analysis.

This type of integration works by giving Medmont Studio read access to the EMR database, so that it can extract patient information to store in its own database. Medmont Studio stores a unique patient identifier (as defined in the settings file) of the EMR in the external patient id field in Medmont Studio. This is used to link the patients in the two databases. Every time the patient is selected in Medmont Studio it is synchronized with the EMR, to maintain data integrity.

Medmont is able to provide support to companies with EMR system who want to integrate but the unfortunate reality is that often these are less a priority and often are not actioned in an appropriate timeframe. It is a possibility that EMR companies can attempt to develop the settings file for themselves. There are plenty of sample settings files available from installing Medmont Studio and looking through our existing settings files stored in the [..\Medmont\Medmont Studio 5\Database Initialization\] folder. The files are XML based and more or less self-explanatory.  If anyone has any issues with defining the settings file then I encourage them to post questions to the forum and we will address them in the public arena.
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