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E300 USB converter firmware update -
« on: March 19, 2012, 01:53:53 pm »
The Medmont E300 USB converter box has presented some issues,  mostly relating to its detection in Windows.

This generally shows up as Medmont Studio not being able to find the Topographer requiring the converter box be unplugged from USB and plugging it back in.
This update also addresses problems seen with using longer usb cables and/or front usb ports which presented as jerky video and "Error" light flashing intermittently.

The internal firmware of the converter box can be easily upgraded by customers or distributors.

All E300 USB Topographers purchased before March 2012 will be running on the original firmware ( and as such can be updated to the new version. This update is not mandatory however, if you have not been experiencing any problems with your topographer you don't have to update.

Update package and instructions are located at: USB 14-44-14 Mar  6 2012.exe E300 USB Firmware Upgrade.pdf

On a small number of PC's the power settings can conflict with this update resulting in jerky video in the live view, in which case the setting should be changed in control panel. Instructions if necessary here: Power Settings for E300 USB.pdf

To date this issue has only been seen on some older PC's which have been upgraded to Windows Vista or 7.
Any machine running XP will not be affected by this, nor has it been seen on newer PC's running Windows 7.
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