Author Topic: Left/Right Switch Fix - E300 USB firmware update  (Read 9008 times)


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Left/Right Switch Fix - E300 USB firmware update
« on: June 18, 2012, 02:01:45 pm »
The E300 USB with firmware or has an issue that causes Medmont Studio to stop automatically switching Left / Right eye when the instrument is moved after the unit has been powered for an extended period of time.
This only affects E300 USB models, not instruments which use the internal Leutron PCI card.

This firmware update will address this problem, as well as another rare minor issue which could occasionally cause the video to remain black when an exam is started.
These issues could previously only be resolved by unplugging / re-plugging the USB cable to the converter box.

Any unit shipped before mid June will likely be eligible for the update, please run the upgrade utility below to find out whether this update is required. (3.4MB) E300 USB Firmware Upgrade.pdf

As with firmware &, there can still be an issue on some pc's, If you ever see this please let me know as I would like to build up a database of pc's displaying this:

On a small number of PC's the default power settings can conflict with this update resulting in jerky video in the live view, in which case the power management setting should be changed in control panel. Instructions to do so are available here: Power Settings for E300 USB.pdf

To date this issue has only been seen on some older PC's which have been upgraded to Windows Vista or 7.
Any machine running XP will not be affected by this, nor has it been seen on newer PC's running Windows 7.
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