Author Topic: Why can't Medmont Studio connect to my M700?  (Read 4602 times)


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Why can't Medmont Studio connect to my M700?
« on: October 03, 2016, 08:32:19 am »
Hardware Causes:
1.   Power: Check that the M700 power cable is connected from the Perimeter to the power point, and the power is turned on at the wall and at the power switch on the side of the unit. If there is power to the instrument, the on/off switch on the unit should light up when it is turned on. If the light on the switch does not turn on the problem is probably with your power supply/cable.

2.   Fuses: Turn off the power and disconnect all cables, then check the fuses. See "Cleaning, Maintenance and Service" section of the M700 manual for a description. The M700 manual can be found in the "Help" section of Medmont Studio, at the top right corner of the Medmont Studio window.

3.   USB connection: Check that the USB cable is plugged-in to the M700 at one end and a rear USB2.0 port on the PC. Ideally use the original cable, with no other components connected i.e. remove any USB hubs, extension cables etc. If this is already the case, try another good USB cable 3m or shorter. Try different rear ports.

4.     Faulty Patient Switch: Occasionally a damaged or faulty patient switch can affect the normal startup sequence of the perimeter. To verify this is not causing the problem unplug the patient switch and power off and disconnect the perimeter, then reconnect and restart everything with no patient switch. If this solves the problem the patient switch needs to be replaced.
5.   Central Fixation Point: The central fixation point of the perimeter should light up when power is turned on to the unit and the USB connection is established. If the central point does not light up at this stage either the USB connection is still not working, or there is a hardware problem and the unit will need to be replaced or sent in for repair.

6.    PC: Occasionally the PC itself can be the cause of the problem, due to the age of the hardware, or the way it was set up, virus etc. Due to the cost of shipping an M700 back for repair, it is best to rule out the PC as the problem by testing the unit on a different computer. If you are running a server client system just install a client on a different PC and try it out. If you are running a standalone version you should contact your local Medmont distributor to organise a demo version for testing.

Software Causes:
1.    Driver issues: If for some reason Windows has installed the wrong device drivers for the instrument, there may be a connection error. One way to verify the correct drivers are running is to check Device Manager in Windows.

For Perimeters with video fixation monitoring, there will usually be an entry in the "Imaging devices" section of Device Manager, either "Medmont M700 USB" for newer devices (circa. 2014-present)or "USB 2.0 A/V Converter" for older devices. Some devices will also show "Hi-Speed USB DVD Creator" or "STK1160 Grabber" in "Sound, video and game controllers".

If none of these are showing up, either the hardware has a problem (see above) or the drivers have not installed correctly.

In particular, if the "USB 2.0 A/V Converter" entry in "Imaging Devices" is not present in Device Manager, and there is an error symbol against a "USB 2821 Device" in "Other devices", the W18 driver usually needs to be re-installed to this device (C:\Program Files(x86)\Medmont\Medmont Studio 6\M700\W18\). If the "Medmont USB Serial Controller" is not listed and there is an error symbol against a "M700 USB Control" in "Other devices", the FTDIbus driver may need to be re-installed (C:\Program Files(x86)\Medmont\Medmont Studio 6\M700\FTDI\).

2.    Medmont Studio version: Occasionally using an old version of Medmont Studio can cause problems connecting to instruments, so if all else fails you should contact your local distributor for a demo version of the latest Medmont Studio.
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