Author Topic: Can I merge two Medmont Databases?  (Read 1697 times)


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Can I merge two Medmont Databases?
« on: October 03, 2016, 08:34:33 am »
- There is no feature to directly merge two databases, however it is possible to export exams from Medmont Studio using one database, then import them into Medmont Studio using another database. Patient data can be exported by selecting the items in the explorer pane on the left, then in the File menu selecting Export. Multiple items can be selected using the Shift + Up/Down/PgUp/PgDn buttons, or Ctrl + Mouseclick. If the versions of Medmont Studio are different, the data must be exported from the earlier version and imported into the later version, as the export data is not backwards compatible. If the same patient exists in both databases, a duplicate patient will be created upon import. Merging the patients must then be done manually by moving exam results to one patient record.

Particularly with older and/or larger databases, problems can sometimes occur when a file or files become corrupt. This may cause the export or import to fail, and in that case it is sometimes difficult to work out which exam or patient data record is causing the problem. You can watch the progress on the screen to get a clue of which item is failing, or split the number of items selected into smaller chunks. Splitting the data into smaller chunks to export may also be needed if using some older Windows versions with file size limits.
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