Author Topic: How can I set up integration between Medmont Studio (6.1.1) and Wave?  (Read 2167 times)


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 - Install and license WAVE software according to instructions from the provider of the software.

- Download WAVE Links settings file from the Medmont Studio software downloads page:

- Copy the WAVE Links settings file to the Links folder in the Medmont Studio installation location (if the default installation location was used during the Medmont Studio Install this will be: C:\Program Files (x86)\Medmont\Medmont Studio 6\Links\).

- Verify that the correct path is listed in the WAVE Links settings file on the line with the tag <Command> for the location of the WAVE software. If the WAVE software is not installed in that default location, you will need to change the <Command> line in the settings file to the actual installation path of the WaveChoice.exe file.

- Create the folder for the export data in the default location (C:\TEMP), or edit the settings file to point to a folder located somewhere else, as a temporary storage location for the data being exported to WAVE. Make sure that the folder has the correct permissions in Windows to allow access by Medmont Studio.

- Restart Medmont Studio, select an E300 exam, and in the Home tab, in the Linked Applications section, there should be an option for Wave Contact Lens Designer. You can now use this button to export E300 exam data to the WAVE software.