Author Topic: Medmont AT-20R connectivity issues with version 3 firmware upgrades  (Read 4989 times)


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We are having problems with some upgraded version 3 firmware hand-sets, it would appear that the connectivity issues are only happening with the white Bluetooth dongles that were supplied in some batches with the AT-20R’s. Sometimes they will not connect at all and other times they connect OK then just drop out during use. The older green and newer blue bluetooth dongles do not appear to have these issues. There were never any issues before the hand sets were upgraded, the clinic in questions have over 30 of these systems installed. They are using these on new PC's with Win 7 Enterprise 64Bit O/S. Do you have any suggestions, where do we go from here??


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Re: Medmont AT-20R connectivity issues with version 3 firmware upgrades
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2013, 08:30:13 am »
Hi Tim,

Thanks for your feedback. The mostly likely reason for the connection issues is because Win7 64 now uses built in Windows drivers to interface with the Bluetooth dongle rather than the CSR drivers which where previously used.

The primary reason for updating the handset to version 3 was to allow connection with a wider range of Bluetooth dongles. More specifically Bluetooth dongles which use generic windows drivers. This means you can use Bluetooth dongles which you can purchase over the counter at most electronic retail stores or dongles which may already be present in your desktop or laptop computer.

Can you replace the dongles at some of the trouble sites and let us know if the issue is resolved. Based on your response I will raise a quality issue so that all future handset upgrades which use the white dongle are provided with a suitable replacement.


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