Medmont Now an EFCLIN Member

Monday, February 2, 2015

Medmont is proud to announce that it has become a full member of the European Federation of the Contact Lens and IOL Industries (EFCLIN).  Medmont is also looking forward to the up coming EFCLIN Congress May 7 to 9 in Venice Italy.  We will have on display the E300 Corneal Topographer which is considered the gold standard for fitting contact lenses.   Stop by for a consultation or an overview of the contact lens fitting functionality within Medmont Studio.   

If your company is interested in becoming a Memdont Distributor within Europe and you would like to set up an appointment during the EFCLIN congress please contact:

About Medmont

Medmont is a global leader in the manufacturing of software and equipment for the Ophthalmic Market.  The company was founded in 1988 and is based in Melbourne, Australia.  Medmont's product range consists of the: E300 Corneal Topographer, M700 Automated Perimeter, DV2000 Diagnostic Imaging Software, and the AT20P Acuity Tester.  

You can reach Medmont or one of our global distributors here.  

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