OrthoTool Coming to Medmont Studio

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Medmont OrthoTool™ Press 

Medmont International Pty Ltd is pleased to announce that OrthoTool™ will soon be available within the Medmont Studio Software.  With this collaboration, practitioners will be able to construct an Orthokeratology Contact lens within Medmont Studio.  

Using the Medmont Contact lens software, with OrthoTool™ designs imbedded, allows practitioners to build and optimize the fit of their lenses in 3 dimensions.  This will improve the first fit success, efficiency and profitability of orthokeratology 

“Considering the E300 Corneal Topographer’s ability to capture from Limbus to Limbus, you add a standard deviation of less than 2µm, and then you take the versatility of the OrhthTool™ software, practitioners will be getting a very powerful tool for their Speciality Lens practice.  I am very pleased that OrthoTool™ has chosen to partner with Medmont, at this time.” Medmont’s President, Robert Heavyside

Medmont’s new software update with OrthoTool™ is scheduled to be released in December 2016, please contact your local Medmont Distributor for more information. http://www.medmont.com/

About Medmont

Medmont is a global leader in the manufacturing of software and equipment for the Ophthalmic Market.  The company was founded in 1988 and is based in Melbourne, Australia.  Medmont's product range consists of the: E300 Corneal Topographer, M700 Automated Perimeter, DV2000 Diagnostic Imaging Software, and the AT20P Acuity Tester.  

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