Diagnostic Imaging Software

Fully Integrated Digital Imaging

The DV2000 Advantage

  • Single Images or Sequences
  • Full Retina In a Single Image
  • Highly Compatible, Mosaic Image Capture
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Fully Integrated Digital Imaging

DV2000 Diagnostic Imaging Software is the digital imaging component of Medmont Studio, completing your suite of integrated applications with a fully featured image capture, review and edit platform, covering all of your digital imaging needs.  


Retinal Overlay

DV2000 works with your M700 Automated Perimeter to give a second reference for Scotomatous regions by allowing you to overlay a retinal image of the same eye over an existing exam and identify or confirm problem regions or anomalies.

Mosaic Image Capture

DV2000 gives you the power to capture retinal images in a mosaic pattern, allowing a full representation of the retina in a single image. With automatic image registration and warping, it's easy to construct a retinal mosaic with DV2000.

Highly Compatible

In addition to supporting many industry standard DSLR cameras from brands such as Canon and Nikon, some video capture cards (for capturing from analog sources) are also supported, including Leutron PicPort Colour, Flashbus MV and Eurosys Picolo cards.

For such video sources, RGB, S-Video and Composite CCD cameras are supported. For live digital video capture, cameras can be connected via firewire using Direct Show Technology.  

Download Shadow    Download Supported Image Sources