Automated Perimeter

Visual Field Testing Efficiency

The M700 Advantage

  • Video Fixation & Eye Tracking Monitor
  • Flexibility to Design Your Own Test and Printouts
  • Full Field test up to 80°
  • Binocular Driving Test Up to 160°
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Patient Comfort

The open, modern, ergonomic design of the M700 overcomes the claustrophobic problem and lack of ventilation often experienced in full bowl perimeters.  Improved patient comfort will result in more reliable field tests. 




Advanced System Analysis

•  New 3D HoV Display
•  Global Statistics 
•  Regression and Histogram Analysis
•  HoV Profile Analysis
•  Difference Analysis 
•  Full Patient History Via Thumbnails




Using pupil tracking technology, Medmont M700 automatically monitors patient fixation and notifies the clinician when fixation is lost.  

The M700 also features full field test capability up to 80°, high concentric test point density and unique test facilities such as the Flicker Test, Binocular Driving Test and Diplopia Test.