About Medmont Studio


Medmont Studio 6 comes with the purchase of any M700 Automated Perimeter or E300 Corneal Topographer.  It is the integrated software package that brings the M700 Automated Perimeter, E300 Corneal Topographer and DV2000 Imaging Software together into a unified working environment and allows you to move seamlessly between Perimetry Results, Corneal Maps and Retinal Imagery.  

NOTE: If you currently own a licence for Medmont Studio 5 and would like to upgrade to Medmont Studio 6, contact Medmont or your local Distributor.

WARNING! This version does not support languages other than English, French, Chinese (Simplified), Spanish, German, Czech, Dutch, and Italian. The language updates shall be added in future releases. If you must operate in a language other than the ones listed please do not install this update, instead continue to use your existing version until your preferred language is available.

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Network Friendly

Medmont Studio works on a Standard Windows™ network, allowing concurrent access from multiple workstations and making viewing, editing and printing exams availiable to all.  A Licence must be purchased for each additional user.  Users can be restricted from editing or removing exams and other features if required.  

Practice Management Integration

Medmont Studio can integrate with many Practice Management Systems allowing you to use your existing patient records and refraction data in Medmont Studio. 

Practice Management Systems Supported in Medmont Studio:

Compulink, Compulink (Advantage), Crystal Practice Management Software, Houston Medical, IFile, I-Optic (I-Care), Medinotes*, My Vision Express*, Ocuco-Acuitas*, OfficeMate*, OPM, OptiPro, Optomate, Optomate Premier, Optomate Touch, Penklis*, Relcon F.O.C.U.S, Sunix 2000, Tudoa*, VClinic*, VisualEyes

* Only available on request. Please contact us for more details.

* An additional license is required for Practice Management Integration. 

System Requirements

Download Shadow    Download Medmont Studio 6 Release Notes
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