Medmont Remote Assistance

If you are a Medmont customer and require remote support, the Medmont Remote Support Application will allow a Medmot Support Technician to access your computer to assist you.

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How It Works

NOTE: These steps may vary depending on your Operating System or Browser.  Also if required please have System Administrator present or available when the Medmont Technician logs onto your computer.  Finally, if Medmont Studio is password protected, please have the password available.    

  1. Click on the Medmont Remote Support Icon above to Download the application
  2. Once the Medmont Remote Support Application is finished downloading, Run or Open the Application
  3. When the Application opens you will see a window similar to the one below.  Give the Medmont Support Technician Your ID and Password

Teamviewer Screen Shot For Medmont








WARNING: Always ensure that the person you are connecting with is a Medmont employee.  Never allow anyone remote access to your computer without being properly notified or without giving proper consent.  A Medmont Technician will not have the ablity to access your computer without Your ID number and Password that you provide.  Nor will they be able to access your computer if the Medmont Remote Support Application isn't running.